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Why we research new composite roofing sheet?

2022-11-15 BACK

This house is beautifully built, but there is rust on it. What caused it? Because the color steel plate has natural defects, how can we solve the phenomenon of physical corrosion in a short period of time? This phenomenon may be a small phenomenon for an individual, but for a whole society and a whole human being, this phenomenon It is a big problem, and it will cause a lot of waste of resources. For example, companies such as chemical factories and foundries, they are our just-needed customers, and we need us to solve these problems for them. Some manufacturers may replace the color steel tiles every two or three years, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and money-consuming. ,a waste of resource.


In order to solve these problems, our company has newly developed a new type of composite roofing sheet with anti-corrosion function and moisturizing function. Its protection rate is divided into two grades. The service life is guaranteed for 30 years, and the change rate does not exceed 5%. This value retention rate is particularly high. The core is long service life, but are there other functions? Have. For example, the anti-condensation function and the heat insulation function have all functions. Therefore, the new composite materials solve many existing problems.