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Why choose the new multifunctional composite roofing sheet?

2022-11-26 BACK

A lot of friends may know the color steel plate, color steel plate is generally used as the basic material and then sprayed paint as the anti-corrosion layer, it is currently used in industrial workshops and civil buildings in the most common material. The basic material of our products can be either steel plate or other metal plates, such as aluminum plate, etc., and the products are processed through five high-temperature hot laminating processes with up to eight kinds of composite materials and two high-strength aging glue laminating processes. From top to bottom, they are respectively the outermost anti-aging transparent layer, polymer film, base plate, polymer film, foam layer, polymer film, aluminum foil and anti-corrosion layer.

As we all know, most paints in the deep curing process will produce volatiles which will create countless tiny pores, which will leave a hidden danger for the later corrosion gas to contact the substrate.

Through the relevant national testing institutions testing our products acid, alkali, nitric acid, mortar and solvent resistance are fully qualified. The reason why our product has such good anti-corrosion performance is that the steel and aluminum plates have polymer on both sides of the substrate by pressing and laminating at a high temperature of 200 degrees. The polymer is completely fused on the surface of the substrate, even in the environment of strong acid and base.

new multifunctional composite roofing sheet