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What are the advantages of our new material roofing sheet

2022-11-10 BACK

I will introduce GEIT New Material Company to everyone. Our company is located in Botou City, a famous casting city on the coast of the Bohai Sea. It is a manufacturer mainly engaged in wall and roofing materials.

Our factory has an independent production workshop and a supporting laboratory. The laboratory has a variety of experimental equipment, which can realize various testing experiments related to it, such as heat insulation temperature experiment, ultraviolet anti-aging experiment, acid and alkali resistance experiment, etc. And our company also has a professional sales, production and operation team, which can provide various consultation, after-sales service and technical support for a long time.


The company's main new material roofing sheet is a hot compress functional tile independently produced and developed by our company. This functional tile is reformed and innovated on the basis of traditional color steel tiles, thus avoiding the easy fading of traditional color steel tiles, and the single function of clothes. and other significant disadvantages. It uses a metal sheet as a substrate and composites a variety of materials through a production machine. The basic model is composed of an anti-aging layer substrate and an anti-corrosion layer, while the multi-functional model is based on the basic model. By adding a customized functional layer, the product can add new functional characteristics to face different use environments.