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What is the upgraded multifunctional composite roofing sheet

2022-12-08 BACK
  1. Use the hot laminating process: this process is efficient and environmentally friendly, with a variety of materials and film selection according to functional requirements. With the upgrading of manufacturing equipment and the development and update of film products, there is a certain market potential in the future.

2. No longer using the traditional aluminum foil film, equivalent to giving up the heat insulation function. At present, the traditional aluminum foil film has the problem that the thermal expansion and cold contraction coefficients of aluminum foil and anti-aging molecular film are not synchronized. In the natural environment, due to the different coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction, the aluminum foil layer will appear internal damage resulting in film bursting and cracking. Excessive stretching during tile formation can also cause damage to the aluminum foil layer. To solve this problem, it is necessary to greatly increase the thickness of aluminum foil and polymer film, but this will greatly increase the cost of the plate.

3. The process of permanent color film is to thicken the polymer film layer, and then the polymer film is formed by adding color material in the production process, and then it is combined with the anti-aging layer. Because the polymer film is protected by the anti-aging layer and its color has been completely permeated into the material, there will be no aging and fading phenomenon. Yongcai film still retains the original anti-aging function, no longer use aluminum foil, and then save the cost of Yongcai anticorrosive tile used in thickening polymer later to eliminate the phenomenon of film explosion and cracking.