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How to choose high-quality anti-corrosion roof tiles?

2022-07-15 BACK

In terms of thermal insulation performance, we used in the stainless steel coated tile has a reflection coefficient of 81% for light and heat, and the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel composite material is as low as 2.93W/m.k. Therefore, composite heat insulation integrated decorative board have more efficient thermal insulation performance, and are more suitable for the construction of industrial workshop roofs.

In terms of fire safety, the NANO anti corrosion plate insulation board has reached the national fire-proof Grade A building material standard. At present, the tile has been tested and certified by a series of authoritative organizations such as CTC, SGS, National Chemical Products Inspection Group, and the State Quality Supervision Bureau, and meets the requirements of various national construction engineering indicators.

In order to allow customers to purchase NANO anti corrosion plate insulation board with more confidence, the manufacturer promises a after-sales warranty, which relieves users from worries.

NANO anti corrosion plate insulation board