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How to Reduce Metal Roof Tile Noise?

2022-07-19 BACK

If your metal roof was installed without plywood decking, underlayment and insulation, here are some tips to reduce metal roof noise: Firstly, add Insulation – Insulation serves as an acoustic barrier and reduces noise transfer to the interior of your building. It also improves the energy efficiency of your building, helping to reduce overall energy costs.

Secondly, properly fasten roof panels – Proper installation is crucial to reducing noise. Use proper fasteners and don’t over or under-tighten them. Refer to the product manual for correct fastener layouts and spacing.

Thirdly, replace your roofing tiles – Consider replacing your roof and using traditional methods for residential and commercial roofing installation. Insulated metal panels are also a great option as they provide thermal, moisture and vapor barriers in a single component.

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