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What is the reason for the popularity of our new material roofing sheet?

2022-07-01 BACK

The new type of coated new material roofing sheet is based on high-strength special steel plate or aluminum plate, laminated with materials such as acid-alkali-resistant and anti-corrosion alloy aluminum foil, anti-aging modified polyester or fluorocarbon coating, etc. Long-lasting antiseptic all in one.

Compared with the current color-coated color steel tile products commonly used in factory roofs, it is a new generation of factory roofs and wall building materials. It is widely used in chemical plants, farms, granaries and other factories.

In addition, the new material coated roofing sheets are also used in other industrial buildings with anti-corrosion and thermal insulation requirements, such as paper mills, tanneries, printing and dyeing plants, foundries, pickling plants, fertilizer plants, steel plants, oxidation plants, etc. Aluminium workshops and other severely corrosive environments.

new material coated roofing sheets