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Why do our new material roofing sheet have such a big difference in test results?

2022-06-22 BACK

We can see that our test results are far greater than the standards set by the state in the test reports of relevant national testing institutions, why there is such a big difference. The main reason is that the anti-aging layer and aluminum foil on the outside of the composite board can refract nearly 90% of sunlight.

Its far-infrared emission ratio is 89%, the solar radiation ratio is 86%, and the solar radiation ratio retention rate is 84%. The technical support of anti-aging film and aluminum foil can ensure that our thermal insulation performance is far better than that of color steel plate.

In the experimental test, under the same environment, the ambient temperature of the coated anti-corrosion and heat-insulating tile is 5-8° lower than that of the previous year, which is an upgraded version of the new material roofing sheet currently on the market.

anti-aging layer and aluminum foil